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The Most Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are some of the least reported accidents in the whole body of personal injury law. This is because the majority of pedestrians don’t report accidents to the police unless they have been severely injured.

At first glance, they can seem random, but a closer look reveals these accidents often follow established patterns and causes. Generally, a pedestrian accident is the result of a lack of awareness on either the driver or the pedestrian’s part.

Unpredictability on the Roads

Legally speaking, anyone travelling on foot in a neighbourhood type area is a pedestrian. The busier the area and its vehicle traffic, the more risk for the pedestrian. Pedestrians are generally cautious when they are crossing the road. However, beyond that fundamental safety concern, they are not typically alert to the possibility of an accident.

The trouble pedestrians face is that they have little control over the actions of drivers and cyclists. Unpredictability is a fact for all road users, but pedestrians lack the physical protection of drivers

Bad Driver Habits

The negligence of vehicle drivers is one of the major causes of pedestrian accidents. There are several bad habits that come up time and time again when you look at the causes of these accidents.

Talking on cell phones, manipulating a GPS system, and eating are some of the main causes behind vehicle accidents. This is no different for vehicle accidents that include pedestrians.

Another major cause of an accident is driver confusion, If a driver is driving through unfamiliar territory they are more likely to get into an accident.

Aggressive City Driving

Aggressive and reckless driving are the number one causes of pedestrian accidents in dense urban areas. The high-traffic, high-speed, and high-intensity nature of inner-city driving means a lot of drivers are quick to violate traffic regulations.

A city posses other problems too: for one, traffic congestion and high rise buildings reduce a driver’s peripheral vision. This makes it much more difficult to spot pedestrians entering the street.

On top of this, the high level of vehicle and pedestrian congestion makes accidents more likely to happen. Improper turning, lane violations, speeding, and unexpected U-turns are some of the ways in which accidents occur.

Pedestrian Responsibility

The problem is not just that of drivers, pedestrians must also do their part to uphold traffic regulations. Some common pedestrian violations include ignoring walk signals at intersections, crossing in non-designated parts of the road, and darting out into the middle of the road. Unlike cyclists, pedestrians are not proactive in their safety measures, they do not wear reflective gear at night or any other kind of protective clothing.

With over 6000 pedestrian deaths last year alone, 2018 was the worst in the United States for over 30 years. The startling fact is that only a tiny fraction of pedestrian accidents find their way into a police report. This lack of data makes it difficult for road safety regulators to properly assess the safety concerns on the nation’s streets. 

Pedestrians often decide not to report traffic accidents because they fear the cost of legal proceedings. As a result, many injured pedestrians will suffer in silence. The general lack of available legal aid is something we aim to address here at

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