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Car Accidents

What should you do in the aftermath of a car accidents?

According to Auto Industry Experts the average car driver will get into four car accidents during their lifetime. in the case of such an event, it may be a good idea to seek professional legal advice.

After the Accident

How should you proceed?

There are certain steps you should follow in the aftermath of a car accident.

Being aware of these steps, and remembering to follow them in the case of an accident will help you in a number of ways.

  1. It will give you a clear idea of what to do in a frightening situation which can help you stay calm.
  2. Collecting information in advance will help save time with your lawyer should you seek legal advice.
  3. It will ensure that you do not overlook the kind of information that can be crucial to winning your claim.

Top 10 Things to Remember in the Case of a Car Accident 

Some of these tips are relevant at the scene of an accident, others, such as informing your insurance company, are relevant in the days and weeks following you accident.

1. Stay at the Scene: You should always stay at the scene of an accident unless it is hazardous to do so. 

2.  Check on Other Drivers and Passengers: Try to make sure everyone at the scene of an accident is ok. Get medical attention for anyone that may need it. 

3. Call the Police: This is especially important when an accident has resulted in serious injury and property damage.

4. Exchange Information: Names, phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, and insurance information are all crucial details to exchange after a car accident.

5. Talk to Witnesses: Try to ask witnesses what they saw, and if possible take down their contact information for future reference.

6. Take Pictures: Having photographic evidence can help prove liability in the case of an accident. 

7. Inform Your Insurance Company: Alert your insurance company to the fact you were in an accident as soon as possible.

8. Keep Track of Your Medical Treatment: Note down the details of any medical treatment you receive as a result of your accident. 

9. Get a Property Damage Valuation: As well as the valuation your insurance company provides, It is a good idea to get two separate valuations on the extent of the damage to your car.

10. Be Wary of Early Settlement Offers: Never settle a claim before you have got the relevant legal and medical advice. In some cases, this could take months.

Proving Fault in a Crash 

Don't pay for someone else’s mistakes

By following the steps outlined above, and enlisting the help of a top lawyer, you stand every chance of getting the compensation you deserve. It is now up to your lawyer to prove that you are not liable for your accident.

Liability: What Other Factors Can Influence the Claim?

The most challenging part of claiming personal injury for a car accident is to determine liability. This is done by analyzing a number of factors, such as:

  • The road conditions at the time of the accident  
  • Weather conditions
  • Police Reports
  • The mental state of the drivers (were they distracted, inebriated...)
  • The chain of events that led to the accident
  • Etc...

Reckless Driving  

A driver may be considered liable for an accident if they were deemed to be driving recklessly. This is defined as unsafe driving that shows a clear disregard for the fact that it may lead to an accident.    

Reckless driving is also known as aggressive driving and includes several inappropriate actions such as: 

  • Speeding beyond the posted limit/or driving to fast for the current conditions 
  • Improper and/or excessive lane changing with failure to signal correctly 
  • Improper overtaking including failure to signal or use the correct part of the road to overtake

Get Your Pocket Sized Guide

Find law (R) have provided this excellent print out guide on the steps to follow in the case of an accident. Simply print it out and put it in your automobile.

Get Your Personal Injury Worksheets

Enjuris (tm) have developed these excellent worksheets to help you keep track of your injury costs following and accident.

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